Refreshingly not Western

Every now and then it’s fun to be reminded how non-Western the internet can be. And also how quick cultural transformations can be. On the other hand, this is also a reminder about how easy it is to fall out of sync with younger generations of students.

I was reading David Machin’s book Analysing Popular Music (2010), and I started writing notes for my lectures. Machin talks about pop music album covers and refers, among others, to Clannad albums. I decide to go on Google to get the same image to supplement my notes. …and this is what I get when I try searching just for “Clannad”:

clannadHaha! Sure, I was faintly aware that the name Clannad also had something to do with manga or games. But I had no idea that its popularity level is such that it literally blocks out all the other search results. Scrolling down the page – towards the very end – I found only one image which referred to the band and not to the Japanese visual novel.

I can just imagine how lost my professors are with today’s visual culture if even I feel slightly outdated sometimes. ;)

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